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Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) : a public archive and resource for gene expression data.
genzyme and SAGE : Serial Analysis of Gene Expression is a proprietary sequence-based technology setting new standards in gene identification and quantitation. Visit us to learn more about applying the power of SAGE to your genomic efforts.
Global Gene Expression Group : Department of Carcinogenesis, Science Park-Research Division, M.D. Anderson Cancer Group.
SAGEmap : a public resource for serial analysis of gene expression data. : SAGE is a powerful tool that allows the analysis of overall gene expression patterns with digital analysis. Because SAGE does not require a preexisting clone, it can be used to identify and quantitate new genes as well as known genes.
WEHI Press release : Brain research boost - seeking genetic answers to the mysteries of disease.
Model organisms
Query SAGE data : the SAGE technique has been used to analyze the expression profile of thousands of genes across the yeast genome, i.e. the yeast "transcriptome". Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD) provides different ways of querying this data.
Characterization of the Yeast Transcriptome
EST and SAGE analyses : on Blumeria graminis and S. carlsbergensis
ExpressDB Yeast Expression Dataset Description
Cancer research
Gene Expression Profiles in Normal and Cancer Cells
A Model for p53-induced Apoptosis
14-3-3 sigma is a p53-regulated inhibitor of G2/M progression
Identification of c-MYC as a target of the APC pathway
PPARd Is an APC-Regulated Target of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
Identification and classification of p53-regulated genes
Genes Expressed in Human Tumor Endothelium
Human data
Analyses of Human Transcriptomes : How many human genes are expressed ubiquitously, in all human tissues, and how many are expressed in tissue-specific patterns? To answer these fundamental questions in molecular biology, we have analysed 3.5-million transcripts from 19 normal and diseased tissue types. We found that as many as 43,500 genes can be expressed in a single cell type. Only a small fraction of transcripts were exclusively expressed in any individual tissue, whereas nearly 1,000 genes were expressed in all cell types examined. We found 40 genes to be expressed at elevated levels in all cancer tissues but not in normal cells.
COGENE, the Craniofacial and Oral Gene Expression Network
Rochester Muscle Database : inventory of adult human skeletal muscle mRNA by the SAGE method.
SADE a SAGE Adaptation for Downsized Extracts
Serial Analysis of Gene Expression in immune system
Serial analysis of Gene Expression of the human retina and RPE
The Human Transcriptome Map

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