Dr Hamish S. Scott is a NHMRC Senior Research Fellow at the Walter and Eliza Hall Research Institute and holds the Inaugural Nossal Leadership Award. He received his BSc(Hons) and PhD from the University of Adelaide. In research he started in marsupial genetics, moving on to fungal genetics and then human biochemical genetics (with his doctoral studies focusing on the molecular genetics of MPS I). In 7 years at the then Adelaide Childrens Hospital he was involved in the cloning of 3 human disease genes. Moving to the Medical School in Geneva, Switzerland on a CJ Martin fellowship in 1995, he became involved in positional cloning, successfully participating in the isolation of 2 disease genes before returning to Australia and WEHI in 2000.
He is still chasing disease genes!Chasing genes!

His current research interests are:-

  1. Genomics and the application of high throughput technologies to biology.
  2. The molecular pathophysiology of Down syndrome. Dissection of the causes of some of the complex phenotypes (e.g. differential gene expression studies and association studies).
  3. Generation and characterization of mouse models for human diseases.
  4. The role of genes in complex disorders such as autoimmune diseases and hearing loss (among others) using monogenic disorders as gateways to the complex diseases.
  5. Studies of molecular cascades in leukemia and lymphoma using differential gene expression techniques and familial syndromes.
  6. Transcription factor biology.
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