No evidence for core-binding factor CBFβ as a leukemia predisposing factor in chromosome 16q22-linked familial AML

Fig B. Semi-quantitative RT-PCR of the CBFβ gene. Amplifications were performed using cDNA synthesised from 2 micrograms of total RNA extracted from 3x107 polyclonal lymphoblastoid cells derived from peripheral blood from individuals IV-3 (affected, P2) and III-5 (unaffected carrier, P3) of family A, and from individuals III-1 (affected, P1), II-3 (unaffected, U1), III-7 (unaffected, U2) and III-9 (unaffected, U3) of family B in serial dilutions up to 1:3000, -, no DNA. When normalized and compared to control amplifications of the house-keeping gene cystatin B, there is no loss of signal intensity in patients as compared to unaffected individuals suggesting no altered gene expression ad no haploinsufficiency. A similar result was obtained using Northern Blot analyses.

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